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Hi, welcome to authority beasts. We are a group of people working together to give best and comprehensive reviews about different lightening related products and complete guide about how to use them.

Here we try our best to give you all the details related to best lightening products available. We usually test all the products by ourselves. But for some cases, if we can’t be able to test the product by ourselves, then we dig deep and make comprehensive research about what is working and what is not in this product’s scope.

Also, we have a dedicated team which only works for testing out the products and give us their feedback about its usage. Also, most of the members from our team are passionate about lightening and how to make things happen.

We also use some external sources for grabbing the information required including Amazon to get the complete and thorough detail about the product which we are reviewing.

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Despite being the experts in this industry, we used to research and analyze the reviews of other product users and then only we recommend them.

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Our product selection criteria includes the following metrices:

  • Product price.
  • Customer Satisfaction rate.
  • Pros & Cons.
  • Trend.
  • Refund & return policies.

So, make sure to read our comprehensive guides about how to use a particular product as well as best selling products in lightening industry. We usually recommend our choice at the conclusion section of our blog post but obviously you are free to select any particular product that fits your needs.