How to Signal SOS With a Flashlight? Complete Guide 2021

A flashlight is an important tool to have on hand. Whether you are camping, hiking or if the power goes out in your home, it can be very helpful. But what do you do with a flashlight when it is dark and there aren’t any other people around? There are several ways that you can signal SOS for help using only a flashlight! 

Flashlights offer many different benefits; they’re useful for both emergencies and everyday tasks alike. However, if the lights go out unexpectedly (or even during planned activities like camping), how would one use their trusty light source to make sure they stay safe? Here’s how to signal SOS with flashlights?

What is an SOS sign?

SOS is a common Morse code sign used to signal distress, and it’s also what you might see on the back of a firefighter’s helmet. The term ‘SOS’ can be heard in numerous songs and movies and has been used in countless other everyday situations, so it is likely that you know what this sign means already.

What are some main uses of flashlight?

A flashlight, or a torch as it is referred to in some countries, can be used for many different tasks. The most common use of a flashlight is to illuminate dark areas and make them more visible.

There are other great uses of a flashlight that you may not have thought about before! Some examples include:

  • Finding Your Way through an unfamilar room
  • Signaling for help if you are lost during the night.
  • Providing light when camping or hunting at night.
  • Starting up fires during emergencies such as natural disasters.

A flashlight can come in handy in so many situations! In this article we are going over a very crucial use of flashlight. i.e. How to Signal SOS with Flashlight?

Making Emergency Signal With the Help of a Flashlight.

There are many ways to signal SOS with a flashlight and these tips will keep you safe should you find yourself in an emergency situation. You can even use this information if it’s dark and there aren’t other people around; we’ll talk about how to make the SOS sign using only your flashlight.

How to Signal SOS With a Flashlight?

The SOS sign is actually pretty simple to make with a flashlight, so once you know how to do it you’ll be able to signal for help in an emergency situation. Here’s how:

Step 1: Turn on your flashlight and direct the beam of light directly at the ground (this ensures that your light won’t blind others). You can place your hand over the side of the flashlight that points towards others, if necessary.

Step 2: Rotate your wrist back and forth several times like you’re waving hello or goodbye; the SOS sign will look like Morse Code ‘S’ followed by two dots (dot-dot). If need be you can rotate both wrists; this will create three blinks in morse code for ‘O’.

Step 3: If you want to make a ‘Z’ shape instead, point your flashlight at the ground and make three dots in a row. Then draw an arc from one side of the line to another using your light source. Repeat this process twice more to form a diagonal line that makes a distinct shape when looked at from far away.


There are many situations that you might find yourself in where there aren’t other people around; this is why it’s important to know how to signal for help if necessary. Knowing how to make the SOS sign using only your flashlight will ensure that you can get the assistance or advice that you need, should an emergency occur. It’s also nice to know how to make fun shapes like a smiley face or a heart on the ground with your flashlight too! If you need to ask anything please fee free to comment or contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

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